How to Hide a Contact in Whatsapp?

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Launch the WhatsApp app and choose the “Contacts” tab to begin the process of hiding a contact.

Tap the contact whose information you wish to keep private.

After that, you should press on the three dots that are located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Tap on “Keep this contact a secret.


How do I keep someone a secret on WhatsApp without having to ban them?

On WhatsApp, you cannot conceal the presence of another user unless you first ban them. You have the option to “block” other users if you do not want to receive communications from them.

How do you conceal a contact?

On an iPhone, one may conceal a contact using one of many different methods. Creating a contact group and then adding the contact you wish to conceal to that group is one approach to do this. Another option is to fabricate a contact and then add the real contact to it as a buddy under the guise of the false contact.

How can I make use of the ghost feature in WhatsApp?

Ghost is a messaging programme that enables users to send messages to one another without the recipient being aware of it. Installing the Ghost app is the first step in using Ghost in WhatsApp. The next step is to launch WhatsApp and go to Settings > Accounts > Add Account from inside the app’s menu. Choose Ghost, then type in your username and password.

I don’t have that person saved in my WhatsApp contacts—is it possible for them to still get in touch with me?

Even if you do not have the person’s phone number saved in your contacts, you may still contact them over WhatsApp if you know their phone number.

Where can I find the option to hide contacts on WhatsApp for Android?

Launch the WhatsApp Android app and go to the Menu > Settings > Account > Privacy menu option to conceal your contacts. Choose the appropriate options under “Who can view my contacts?” “Nobody.

How do I conceal contacts that are only read?

Launch the Contacts application on your iPhone. Tap the contact whose information you wish to keep private. Click the Edit button, which is located in the top right corner. Scroll to the bottom and choose the Hide this Contact option.

What exactly does it mean to conceal contacts that do not have numbers?

If you choose to hide contacts without numbers, you will be able to see the contact as normal, but their telephone number will not be shown. This is beneficial if you want to keep your contact information secret or if you do not have their phone number stored on your phone. You may also use it if you do not know their phone number.

How can I make myself invisible on WhatsApp?

This question does not have a single response that can be considered final. Changing your privacy settings on WhatsApp, restricting the number of individuals you talk with, and erasing past conversations are some of the ways you may become less apparent on the platform.

How can I remain anonymous when using WhatsApp but not engage in conversation?

There are a few different methods that you may conceal the fact that you are online while using WhatsApp. Putting your phone into aeroplane mode is one option you have. By doing this, the application will be unable to connect to the internet, and your online status will not be shown. One further option is to make use of a virtual private network (VPN). Using a virtual private network (VPN) will mask your online status and encrypt all of your traffic.

How can I make it such that I am not online while I am using WhatsApp?

Launch the WhatsApp app and go to the Menu > Settings > Account > Privacy menu option to make your profile seem offline. You have the option to choose “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” or “Nobody” under the “Last Seen” heading.

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