How To Disable Emergency Call On Android Lock Screen?



There are a few different approaches you may take to prevent emergency calls on the lock screen of your Android device.

One option is to go into the settings of your phone and turn off the button that initiates an emergency call.

Installing a lock screen programme that does not have a button for making an emergency call is still another option.


On my Android phone, how can I disable the emergency call only feature?

Access the Settings menu on your Android device and choose the Emergency mode option to disable emergency calls solely on your device. To turn off “Emergency call only,” just tap the switch that’s located next to it.

How do I stop the emergency call from coming through on my Samsung?

To disable the emergency calling feature on your Samsung phone, open the menu and pick “settings” from the list of available options. To access the emergency options, scroll down and choose “additional networks” followed by “emergency settings.” Remove the checkmark from the box that’s next to “emergency call.”

On Android, what are the steps to unlocking emergency calls?

To enable the ability to make emergency calls on an Android device, you will need to launch the Settings app and go to the Security & Location menu option. After reaching that point, you will have to turn on Emergency SOS. After that, you will be able to specify the manner in which the emergency call will be initiated.

How can I stop my phone from only accepting calls for urgent matters?

You will need to go into the settings of your phone in order to change it so that it no longer prioritises emergency calls. After reaching that screen, go to “phone” or “call settings” and look for the option that says “emergency calls only.” If you turn off this option, your phone will no longer be limited to only receiving calls intended for use in an emergency.

How can I avoid the lock screen when an emergency call comes in?

There is no foolproof method for getting through the lock screen while an emergency call is coming in, but one tip that could help is to swiftly push the power button twice. In the event that this does not work, your only other alternative may be to carry out a factory reset.

How can I get around the lock screen on my Android device while utilising emergency call 2021?

There is no way. The lock screen on an Android device cannot be bypassed via an emergency call.

How can you get through to someone in an emergency if the phone is locked?

You are still able to make an emergency call even if you have locked yourself out of your phone. In order to do this, you will need to speak with a friend or member of the family who knows your phone number and is able to unlock the device. After you have successfully unlocked your phone, you are free to call 911 or any other number associated with an emergency.

Why is it that only calls for emergencies are accepted on my phone?

There are a few potential causes for why your phone is only accepting calls from emergency numbers at this time. There is a chance that you have dialled the emergency number on your phone by mistake, which is one of the possible explanations. There is also the potential that there is an issue with the network connection on your phone, and as a result, it is automatically forwarding all calls to the appropriate emergency agencies. If none of these answers appears to apply to the situation, then it is conceivable that there is an issue with the network that is being provided by your service provider, which is causing all calls to be routed to the appropriate emergency services.

How can I deactivate the emergency SOS button?

Launch the Settings app and go to the Emergency SOS menu to deactivate the emergency SOS feature. To disable Auto-Call, you need to tap the switch that is located next to it.

Is it possible to go around the lock screen on Android?

There are a few different methods to get around the lock screen on an Android device. Utilizing the provision that allows you to make an emergency call is one option. Utilizing a third-party application, such as AndroidLost or Cerberus, is still another option.

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