Can you cancel eHarmony early?

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You may terminate your eHarmony membership at any time, yes.

You also have the option to suspend your account.

If you feel like you need a break from the pressures of online dating.

to terminate your subscription or put it on hold.

Visit the Settings page and proceed with the instructions that are provided there.


After a trial period of 3 days, is it possible to terminate my eHarmony membership?

Cancellations are not permitted on eHarmony for any reason.

Is it possible to purchase only one month of eHarmony?

There is a one-month membership option available for purchase on eHarmony. You also have the option of purchasing a membership for either three or six months.

After the first month, do you have the option to terminate eHarmony?

After the first month of your eHarmony membership, you will not be able to cancel it. Before your subscription runs out, the firm will notify you through email that your forthcoming renewal date is approaching.

Is it worthwhile to subscribe to eHarmony?

The online dating platform known as eHarmony has been operational for more than 15 years. Although it is not the only website available, there are quite a few users on it at any one time. The website is well-known for having a reputation for being more selective than competing websites and for using the use of a personality test in order to pair users with other users who are suitable with them. If you are seeking for a partner for a long-term commitment, then you should consider using eHarmony.

Does eHarmony provide a free trial of its services?

eHarmony offers a free trial that lasts for a period of 14 days.

Is it possible to create a phoney profile on eHarmony?

There are no fabricated identities on eHarmony. In order to identify and get rid of any phoney accounts, the firm has a team of detectives working for it.

How difficult is it to terminate my membership with eHarmony?

Your eHarmony membership may be terminated with no effort on your part. You are able to do so by simply heading to the page titled “My Account” and clicking on the option labelled “Cancel Subscription.”

Does eHarmony have a recurring monthly fee?

The services provided by eHarmony do, in fact, come with a monthly fee.

Why does eHarmony cost so much money?

There are several features that are exclusive to eHarmony that you won’t find on any other dating service. For instance, the dating website eHarmony may help you locate the ideal partner by providing personality tests and compatibility matches.

Is eHarmony still being used by anyone?

More than 15 years have passed since the launch of the online dating platform known as eHarmony. It has over 20 million members and was established in the year 2000. Although it is unclear if anybody now uses eHarmony, the website itself is still active.

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